6 thoughts on “[Anime Review] Unbreakable Machine Doll”

  1. Someone passed on to my series review that, apparently, lots of the magic WAS explained on the “date” between Raishin and Charlotte, but for whatever reason, it didn’t make it into the actual anime. It was certainly VERY confident of a second season, which I can’t say I feel it deserves.


    1. Yeah, it felt a lot of material was stripped from source, despite I’m not even familiar with the LN. Can’t say for sure it will get one (or deserves), but it does, hope they do better job with it than this one.

      Thanks for comment.


  2. Well, what should I say?! To be honest, Unbreakable Machine-Doll was one of my favorite in last season, as some anime I had some high expectation such as IS2 sucked because of endless fan servicing! Anyway, it’s true that there are lot of problems with pacing. It seems that lot of things have been left untouched like that “Machine Doll” thing and so on, with the intention of explaining in another season perhaps. Just as DataportDoll said, it really deserve a second season despite all those obstacles, cause it seems that anime do have a nice story to tell us set in that fictional world of puppeteers and their dolls rules things with power. Story, story, story! It’s my biggest excuse for all the obstacles. I really do like it, as story itself is something unique and something I haven’t seen ever in past. So, let’s just say, anime deserve a second season and let’s wish (with our fingers crossed) that all those holes here and there in the story will be fixed and all the mistakes done in the first season will be noticed and basically a better job will be done with the second season of the anime. 🙂


    1. Yeah, I do agree that the story does have a nice atmosphere attached to it, but just a shame its lacks any of the niceties of details to complete it. I’m also big fan of the whole “fantasy world” and “magic” concept, but, felt it could did a lot more with it. If it sold well and directors see it fit, it might get another – but I am not too completely sure of it. Wishful thinking helps, though.

      Thanks for the comment ^^


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