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Asteria’s Amazing Anime Collection: January 2017

featureWith a new year comes new ambitions and desires to do a little better and achieve more gains than the previous year. For me, among my larger goals of getting my A+ certification and completing the next few requirements to move on to bigger and better things, it always nice to have a few diversions along the way. One in particular is start on my anime archive collection or basically, just picking up series I always wanted to own or never seen before and documenting them. While most of this stems from my love of older titles (and to put a little ease on internet bandwidth via streaming) it is also to replace a few things I use to or no longer own. Already getting off to a great start, I thought I might as well fit it into my activities here as a semimonthly (or whenever I have the cash to spare) post.  Without further ado, here is the collection for the beginning of January 2017.

Meaning to start with a bunch of titles of the 80’s and 90’s that are almost nearly difficult to find (as they are expensive) I started to begin small and work my way up. Of course, starting small for me is picking up a random assortment of junk (that is cheap as well) and lead me to the S.A.V.E collection of Heroic Age.



This is a series that is widely available (as of writing this) for streaming both in English and Japanese from Hulu, but since Hulu is a bit unreliable in getting many dubs and not to mention, this a longer series, I thought owning it would be best. Cost me around $15 doing a little bargain bin hunting. Of course, next up is a series I had a little more luck and one enjoyed from years back and that is GaRei -Zero-.


And when I say luck, I meant I was able to find this one still in the shrink wrap undisturbed during a Ebay scavenge. I know some people advise against buying anime from Ebay since it is easy to get scammed, but worked out fine for me. Plus, $20 is not a bad trade either. Loving it when I watched it years back, I heard a few samples of the English dub and had to get it. Plus, I haven’t read the manga…yet so makes for a great time to start. However, for the last item of this post…I was also lucky to get my hands on the complete collection of Speed Grapher…in a snazzy looking box might I add.



I have yet to see this series, but since I do have an odd fascination with series Gonzo studio has touched pre 2006, this was an excellent choice. Plus, I was also lucky to find one that has the cast profiles as full-size “pictures”, so that is pretty neat. Again, going on an Ebay hunt I was able to snag this one for about $15 bucks as well.

Not bad for my first haul and since I do have a few goodies on the way this month, I will also be sure to document those as well, but most likely won’t do another round until March or early April. Until next time.

8 thoughts on “Asteria’s Amazing Anime Collection: January 2017”

  1. These are some great pick ups I have seen heroic age, I liked it a lot. speed grapher and Garaei zero ares I have seen floating around if you review them or give your thoughts on them let me know.

    Ebay is my main source of getting anime, I use other sites but mostly ebay I’ve never had an issue with using it. You did well with your pickups some good bargains XD


    1. Thanks. I plan on getting to Speed Grapher after I finish up Madlax and Divergence Eve, which I’m currently rewatching. Ebay is great, especially for the out of print titles. Much better alternative than Amazon at least.

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      1. ooo Madlax god I haven’t seen that for a long long time. yes finally someone agrees with me about ebay, out of print titles ive had such luck with finding on there XD


    1. Thanks. I finished Speed Grapher a week ago and it was alright. One of Gonzo’s better productions post-2005, despite it getting ridiculous at times. The concept artwork is amazing, but it is sort of a shame they don’t nail that visual style when on-screen.


  2. These are awesome collections, Heroic Age had been one of my earliest favs. Now, I saw that Ga-Rei-Zero, it somehow caught my attention, I think I might give it a look.


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