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Asteria’s Amazing Anime Collection: March – April 2017

That is just a fraction of it…

I’m a little late this month due to various circumstances, but here is the newest additions to the anime collection for both March and April 2017. Brace yourselves for massive amount of (bad) photographs and inscrutable rambling as I go through another treasure trove of randomly picked goodies.

Much like the previous month, I managed to procure another set of small offerings, but still a nice haul regardless. I didn’t really have a goal for this month, so again, picked up a mix of cheap familiar titles and those I had a vague interest in. Starting off with the biggest purchase, it is the collection set of Godannar.

Gotta the love the backside of the box. If you been paying attention to a previous post I did long ago, I own the first volume of the series, yet stopped short of the rest due to the fact I was a teenager without a job and anime on DVD was expensive back then. I was initially drawn to this series watching the first two episodes on ADV’s anime club preview disc they use to send in the mail, so always been meaning to finish this one up. $22.00 was the asking price.

Next is something I’m less familiar with and that is Moonphase: The Complete Series. All I do know is that Shaft is the studio and Type-Moon did the artwork, so take that as you will.  The S.A.V.E box release from Funimation is plain, yet the inside is a bit more colorful. Won it in a bid war for $17.00

Another S.A.V.E release (and much better looking) is Kaleido Star: Season 1. I heard a lot about this one and know a lot, but recently just started and really enjoying the progression. Director Junichi Sato actually turned 57 this month, so hats off to him and one of his beloved projects. After I get Season 2, I hope to pickup Princess Tutu. Also, while many people don’t like English dubs, this one is kind of decent . Cynthia Martinez that voices Sora actually fits her energetic personality quite well and made this delightful thus far. Brought it for $21.00

And to wrap up the March is season 1 of Jubei-chan. If you have not heard of this one, I would not blame you since I only happen to stumble upon it a few times in passing. Release back in 1999 and licensed by Media Blaster (where previous rights were held by Geneon), it is a slightly obscure series that is easily accessible through Crunchyroll now. Not much to say or note now, other than $5.15 was the asking price.

Of course, already planning out my purchases for April, most of my items (with the exclusion of one that will be in my May collection) arrived far sooner than expected, so decided to append them to the showcase. First up is the lovely, but cool Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 collection in a sleek box. Seen the series during the end of last year and had to have it. It’s a retelling of the 1987 version which I have not viewed, but hope to do it later this year. Spent $22.00 on the set.

Next is a series I never seen before, Cyberteam in Akihabara. The set was an instant buy due to how cheap ($12.00), so made this one the random purchase of the bunch. Hope to get started on this one during the Fall period, but might bump it up the list.

If you thought that was big box, check out the next purchase…

Madlax. Out of the “Girls with guns” trilogy, I know most people consider it inferior compared to Noir (and El Cazador in some odd circles), but one that I like most for its open-ended interpretation. I actually got through with this for the 3rd time last month, so happy to have it on my shelf. I could go on and on why I didn’t go for Noir first like I wanted to, yet I think I will save the discussion for another time. Oh, $17.50 was the bidding war price tag.

Besides some disappointing purchases like Gravion (that came without its box) and Martian Sucesor Nadesico (box left cheap), the last purchase for this month, Chrono Crusade covered for them. Much like Madlax, I also finished it a month ago, so having the DVD is a bonus and reviewing it soon along with Speed Grapher and another older title I finished up not too long ago. I have plenty of anime reviews forthcoming!

Since I have covered April, I promise May will be much lighter and should have it done by my birthday on the 8th. Hope you enjoyed going through all that and will see you later.

1 thought on “Asteria’s Amazing Anime Collection: March – April 2017”

  1. Those are some great series. In the Girls with Guns trilogy, Noir definitely comes out on top. I’d be shocked to read an article written by someone who thinks that El Cazador is better than Madlax–you’ll have to point out the blogger who claims this. Chrono Crusade, Bubblegum Crisis 2040, and Jubei-chan are all fun. Have you seen Jubei-chan 2? It surprised me by having some of the best animated swordplay in anime but one of the worst plots I’ve ever seen.


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