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[Manga Review] Sorry for My Familiar Vol. 1

Volume 1 Synopsis:

When the devil girl Patty finds she’s too weak to summon an animal familiar, she chooses a human instead. His name: Norman Volcanello — an eccentric guy with a dangerous fascination with exotic life forms. As Patty and Norman set out to find her missing father, an offbeat adventure begins!


Title: Sorry for My Familiar
Author: Tekka Yaguraba
Publisher: Kodansha (Licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment – English Release)

Pages: 166
Genre: Shounen, Romance, Drama, Comedy


Devil world – a place where almost every daemon possess the ability to call forth beastly familiar at their side as companions and protectors. Well, everyone sans Patty, a little demon girl that has summoned a rather large human, Norman Volcanello. Oh, and did I mention he is a daemon researcher? With such eccentric help at her side, Patty finally decides to journey throughout this hellish world in order to find her missing father. Well, her deadbeat father that unanimously left her behind with only a inexcusable note. Not sure about Patty, but this should be a treat of a trip for Norman.

Besides Patty’s father winning the “Worst Father of The Year” award and Norman deserving multiple life sentences in prison for the sheer amount of daemons personal space he has invaded in this volume alone, the debut of Sorry For My Familiar has a very solid comedy game going for it and somewhat entertaining narrative. Despite worrying that Norman’s eccentricities would be the overall shtick, it does diversify and has some decent timing to tie it together. Not to mention, Patty makes for decent straight man and plays off Norman quite well. Aside from looking for deadbeat dad, another insignificant detail is finding out what sort of daemon Patty might be. By the way, I am quite happy with Norman’s ridiculous theory, but it will not happen.

Where this volume is disappointingly short, the highlight for me was the Dragon Harvest Moon Festival chapters, especially for demonstrating more of the breadth of humor and action to come in future volumes. If anything, the character designs and artwork holds up extremely well and unsurprisingly, breathes a lot of life into the already expressive characters. Despite not looking as menacing as half of the familiars seen throughout, the artwork can him quite frightening when daemons are involved.

As the first volume ends off on a seemingly rushed and weird place, I wouldn’t mind dropping in for more of Patty and Norman’s misadventures. With the duo nowhere close to the destination northward, this is looking like a rather long-running comedy series that I really don’t mind committing myself to. Hopefully, Norman doesn’t leave the denizens of this world with any extreme trauma.


Final Verdict: The debut of Sorry For My Familiar presents another fine and fanciful comedy appropriate for any readers shelve space. Despite being merciful in length, it is well worth checking out, especially for those looking for another offbeat and oddball series.

2 thoughts on “[Manga Review] Sorry for My Familiar Vol. 1”

  1. I’ve never heard of this series, but it seems like it has a pretty unique concept, so I wouldn’t mind giving it a try! I’m a huge fan of series that use supernatural characters and elements, and this one seems like it has a good mix of supernatural elements and lighthearted comedy.
    It seems like a lot of interesting series are popping up recently though! I just started one called The Knight of The Falling Star. It’s about a man from the fae realm who has to travel to the human world to complete his final test to become a knight. He winds up meeting a human girl who’s pretty much his opposite in every way, who helps him out. It’s a romcom with a lot of unique qualities that really makes it stand out. If you’re looking for more supernatural series to try out, I definitely recommend looking into it!


    1. Yeah, there has been a ton releases I can’t hardly keep up with now and actually have about around 5GB worth that I purchased last month, lol. I haven’t heard of the one you suggested, but will definitely give it a read. You might want to check out Kigurumi Guardians and Yokai Girls (if you don’t mind some fanservice) since I have also enjoyed those two.


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