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Anime Alcove List Tuesday 01.01.2019: The Best Anime Of 2018

Artist Maya g - Azur lane
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Whether you like it or not, the dawn of another year is upon us. It’s a time of renewal and looking forward to new events and challenges. However, for those like myself that can never let go of the past, there is plenty to reminiscent and ruminate over from 2018. With the Winter 2019 season of anime right around the corner, now would be a perfect time to take a look back at all the seasonal best from 2018. Welcome to the first edition of Anime Alcove List Tuesday.


A fitting post for the start of the year and start of a new segment I want to do every Tuesday or every other Tuesday as the name suggest. Keeping it real simple for this one, it will be a basic seasonal gathering of the best anime titles from 2018. The only rules for this one is the season winners can’t be still airing or apart of any continuing series (sequels basically). Each season will also have a few runner up titles that are just as good and should be worth a watch. Without further ado, here is the best of the best from the 2018 anime season.

Best of Winter 2018

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho (A Place Further Than The Universe)

A Place Further Than The Universe

Where the winter 2018 season had a lot of phenomenal picks, none quite hooked me like A Place Further Than The Universe. Managing to satisfy me on the typical level with aspects like the breathtaking artwork and the distinct personalities of the cast, it also worked on a micro level with small details like character expressions and music that really made it come alive. Playing on the whole premise of a high school student trying to have one grand adventure before her youth passes by, it is a familiar premise and theme most series of this vintage go for, yet also a heartfelt journey and one that never fails to be both entertaining and inspiring. Makes me want to go on a journey of my own.

Other fine choices from Winter 2018: Yuru Camp, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc, Mitsuboshi Colors, Hakumei to Mikochi.

Best of Spring 2018


Hinamatsuri - anzu.png

As the year plods further along, comedies began to eek out some real winners and Hinamatsuri is one of them. A story about a girl with supernatural powers coming into the care of a Yakuza grunt seems like the type of odd couple premise that should be a clear winner, yet did not realize how good it would be. Where it excels in clever humor, slapstick, and just plain outrageous gags, it never forgets the characters as an important commodity and uses them to the fullest – even with their own story arcs. Just remember that Anzu is the best girl while watching it.

Other fine choices from Spring 2018: Tada-kun wa koi wo Shinai (Tada Never Falls in Love), Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku), Lost Song, Hisone to Maso-tan (Dragon Pilot).

Best of Summer 2018

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro (Chio-chan’s School Road)

Chio-Chan School Road.jpg

Another strong season for anime titles, but can say with full confidence that Chio-chan’s School Road wins by a mile. While it had some competition with other solid contenders like Asobi Asobase, Grand Blue, and Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight, something about Chio-chan made it a must watch every week. From the outrageous scenarios to even more outlandish characters, Chio-chan and her daily trips to school never fail to amuse. I can only hope an encore is in the works…

Other fine choices from Summer 2018: Asobi Aobase, Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro (Chio-chan’s School Road), Grand Blue, Hataraku Saibou (Cells Life), Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight.

Best of Fall 2018

Zombie Land Saga

Zombie Land Saga

The anime that nobody seemed to know anything about other than it having to do something with zombies. Granted that the idol anime subgenre projects tend to be dime a dozen or cheap promotion for the real life pop-up units, Zombie Land Saga takes the classic formula and just goes nuts with it. Never ashamed of what it is, what is doing, and just plain embracing the craziness, the sometimes gripping and always laughable story of six girls across different eras trying to make miracle happen on stage is a miracle itself for being so entertaining. And the music is actual not that bad either. How is that for a idol anime that is not an idol anime, but has zombies and stuff in it? Now what was this show about again…?

Other fine choices from Fall 2018: ??? (still under evaluation).


All-in-all, 2018 was a wonderful year for anime and can only hope that 2019 brings the same type of energy and content with it. Any titles I might have overlooked? Being too hard or light on? Please share your thoughts below. ~Until next time~

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