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Otaku Alcove: February 2019 Schedule

Hi Score Girl - Artist Nakajima Yuka
Anime: Hi Score Girl | Artist: Nakajima Yuka | Source:

As difficult as it is to admit, we are now entering the 2nd month of the year: February! After weeks of battling cold early mornings and late sleepless nights, I finally gotten a better command of my schedule and what to expect going forward. Having made a few prospective projects for January that I couldn’t keep (or at least tried to), coming into this month with a clear mind and better time management under my belt, I think this round should be more doable. Time to show a glimpse of what I have on the docket this month after the jump.

Quick Notes

After going back over my plans for last month, I actually finished a majority of the post I had planned. Sadly, I wavered in the face of making them publish worthy by proofreading, formatting, and other task. I would like to blame the massive project I had for work, but excuses are excuses and no matter “how many times I have to wake up at 4am in the morning and make it home at 10pm” sound like competent sob story, well….I can do better. With that internal cry for help out the way, I did have to push a few things back that I had planned like the Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja and La Pucelle: Tactics pieces as well as the Angel Links feature. I just didn’t have the time required to get those done, but not to worry, those will be showing up next month for sure. That being said, I have been working hard so far to have a nice presentable spread of post this month and this is just small preview of what is on the menu.

February 2019 Prospective Schedule

Anime Reviews
-Hi Score Girl
-My Girlfriend is Shobitch

Manga Reviews
-Ao-chan Can’t Study
-Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice
-Are You Lost?

Video Game/Visual Novel Reviews
-Sister Travel (NSFW, 18+)
-The Caligula Effect: Overdose (English Asia Import)

Other Features/Post
-Seasonal Anime: Winter 2019 Impressions

And that should do it for now! Again, this is still subject to change, but as said before, most of the work has been done, I just need to follow through. Oh, and anywhere that you see “Undecided/Unannounced” is just a place holder for projects that I really wasn’t planning on releasing, but might come into play depending on certain circumstances. Finally, I have been meaning to get to doing the site visits that was set for last month, but since I had to spend a majority of time fixing some unrelated email inbox shenanigans…. that never happened. Will most definitely get to it later this evening (by the time anyone reads this it will be Saturday 3:00am my time).

~Until Next time!~

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