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Otaku Alcove: March 2019 Schedule

Artist Tamarashi
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Can’t say that March has come in like a lion yet, but guess the same can be applied to my own progress. After dealing with the month of February, the month where everyone decides to get sick and pass germs like the plague, I am finding myself slowly recovering from my own bout with a less than forgiving cold. Nonetheless, feeling back up to speed and ready to get down to business, it seems like this will be a pretty busy month in more ways than one.

Old Business, New Business 

With the Winter 2019 anime season beginning to come to an end soon, most of my time will be devoted to getting those reviews primed, but won’t go live until April so I can account for most of the lineup. The rest will be handled at a later point and time. I also plan to do the Angel Links retrospective for the last week of this month as well as some other reviews waiting in the wings before I took ill. Gaming reviews and post will be somewhat limited – with reviews for Agartha and The Caligula Effect: Overdose coming soon and the only thing planned. Even though I was playing around with an English import for The Caligula Effect: Overdose, I also requested an official copy, but have to wait for the embargo to pass, so can expect that one by the end of that said week. I might plan to also sneak in some other reviews I had on the back burner, but they are of low priority. Finally, the manga reviews were another thing I had to put off due to a few issues, yet still might have something in works for that end. Oh, and the topical Tuesday post will be back starting is week and alternate each following Tuesday!

March 2019 Prospective Schedule

Anime Reviews
-Winter 2019 pending progress (live in April)

Manga Reviews

Video Game/Visual Novel Reviews
-The Caligula Effect: Overdose -English Asia Import- (going live by March 8th/9th)
-Agartha and Agartha-S (live by week of March 10th-16th)

Other Features/Post
-Angel Links Retrospective – Anime Under The Lens (live by March 24th-30th)
-Other Features

With all that finally said, even though I plan to stay busy this month, it seems like a lot of that will be in preparation for April. Then again, I do have a few more things lined up I can’t quite mention just yet. Now, if you will excuse me, another round of cherry cold medicine and bowl of creamy tomato soup awaits me. The aftertaste of that will not be pleasant at all.

~Until Next time!~

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