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Otaku Alcove: April 2019 Schedule

hasumi_(hasubatake39) miku maekawa
Anime: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls (Miku Maekawa)| Artist: hasumi (hasubatake39) |  Source:

The month of March seems like it lasted forever, but we are finally entering April! It is a time for unexpected rain showers, allergies, and for many, Spring Break! Well, all except for me. After getting my two day job schedules shifted yet again, most of my plans have slightly changed, but largely remains the same. What is in store for this month? Find out after the jump!

Old Business, New Business

A few short notes to cover for old business. First, I was hoping to have the Angel Links post live, but due to a problem with the formatting, I will have to delay it for now. I wanted to do something with the actual media in the post, yet due to how WordPress presents the layout, I might have to abandon that ship until I can get it working as I wanted. Second, most of Winter 2019 anime season reviews are finished or in-progress for completion, but after deciding on wanting to do a comprehensive year-end post, I am not sure if I will do just that or at the very least, do something of a quick run down of the season that will not be completely redundant, but also not replace what I’m already doing. Should be seeing something in the coming weeks or not…

Of course, going over into the new business, I still will have some reviews up, but focusing on stuff from previous seasons and years, I have recently finished and want to get out the way. That includes stuff that I total missed doing for the previous months and some new stuff thrown in. So it will be an anime focused month. For the second and finally piece of new business, I do also have a few more segments planned as well, mostly for helping me test out a new layout I want to implement, but you will see that when the time comes. Stuck working over Spring Break and the entirety of this month more than I usually would, my usually output of material will plummet (if it hasn’t already), but will try to remedy that.

April 2019 Prospective Schedule


Anime Reviews

  • Release The Spyce
  • SSSS Gridman
  • RErideD – Derrida, who leaps through time
  • Winter 2019 Quick Season Post (Tentative)

Manga Reviews

  • N/A

Video Game/Visual Novel Reviews

  • Akashicforce
  • Unannounced/Undecided

Other Features

  • Tentative Project #1
  • Tentative Project #2
  • Tentative Project #3

The “Tentative” projects that I have under the last category should be coming out throughout the month since I finally have the formatting down for that and will be something of regular features/posts in the future. Those will be revealed as the time comes, but already have a lot of work ahead of me trying to keep track of it all. That and Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy keeps finding it’s way back into my grubby hands. Again, this is just a predicted checklist, so changes are to be expected.

~Until Next time!~

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