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The Manga Under The Lens Project

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The sweltering summer heat and pursuit to stay cool always get me in a certain mood. The mood to do absolutely nothing! Often spending most of my time gaming or goofing often, I made it a ritual to read come August to prepare me for the school year. With those days long gone and finding manga, light novels, and the occasional book non-related to the aforementioned cross into my hands nowadays when free time permits, I decided to start the tradition anew with a different purpose and goal in mind. Finally getting ready to start my new job position in earnest this month and my time going back to what it was, I decided to do something I a little different for the rest of the year.

As more manga and light novels are finally beginning to be picked up and licensed here in North America, I’m surprised with just how much exist that is untouched. Always opting to a series as soon as the anime airs in order not to have the source material color my perspective, I will admit to having just put some off completely. Going through half of my reading this summer, I decided to start a new segment “Manga Under The Lens” – aimed at spotlighting different series complete, ongoing, officially released, unofficial scans, and what have you. Not only will this keep me from neglecting the site when time is short or don’t feel like it, but it will also be much easier to get out than reviews. Plus, I do hope to see most unofficial titles highlighted get official releases one day. Starting next week, I do aim to have 2 or 3 of these go up per week (Monday, Thursday, and sometimes Friday). My goal is that I will have at least 1,000 entries done, but for this year, hoping to get 50 entries completed. My regular content will still as it always has, but will be pushing back reviews for Saturday. Like always, I’m happy to take suggestions if any are available for series to check out, yet already have a few selected ones already done and dusted off.

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