About The Blog: Moonlitasteria

Bringing you the latest anime and video game reviews, previews, and occasional topical discussions pertaining to everything within the fandom. If you are looking for detailed reviews and civil discourse from a fans point of view, you have come to the right place.

About The Author: Moonlitasteria

“Anime enthusiastic, gamer, amateur blogger, and nerd with an insatiable hunger for all things tech.” Verbatim of what my gravatar account says, but nonetheless, true. Their is not too much I can say about myself, but sticking around my blog, I am sure you will learn a bit.

13 thoughts on “About”

  1. It would appear there are a lot of people who love anime and games out there, and I myself are no exception. Having taken a quick look around, I find your meticulous and thoughtful reviews quite worthwhile to read. Happy writing!


    1. I play more games than I actually blog nowadays (started a youtube channel to archive my gameplays). And thank you, I still haven’t transferred over most of my older post or published the new ones, so their will be more.

      Think we will getting along perfectly :3


    1. That is more or less when exams end, but in a way, yeah looking forward to get them over with, lol.

      And nothing much, expect finishing up some projects that I am turning in this week as one of the exam requirements. Bad enough I have to actually do projects ontop of study.



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