[Anime Review] The World Is Still Beautiful

WorldStillBeatuy1Airing back during the Spring 2014 anime season, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii or The World Is Still Beautiful is a shoujou and fantasy mix that I have always wanted to get back to in passing it up. Not exactly in the mood for another romantic comedy, the murmurs and whispers on the internet of how decent it was didn’t fall on deaf ears and decided to bump it up on my priority list. Of course, tempering my expectations from anything gleaned by word of mouth, I was actually taken aback by what I seen. Is that a good or bad thing? Well, here is my evaluation.

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[Anime Review] Charlotte

Charlotte promo imageAiring during the Summer 2015 anime season, P.A Works teams up with writer Jun Maeda of Angel Beats and Clannad fame for Charlotte. Containing a variety elements from past works you can attribute to a bingo card like: sick children, death, and magical realism, it is a project that is by the numbers and more relies on execution to work out. With the execution being one of the more interesting hallmarks of the series holds onto, the results that arise from it turned to be equally as interesting…in both a good and bad sense. A misunderstood and ambitious undertaking or experimental flop of a production? Here is my two-cents worth on the matter.
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[Anime Review] Sound! Euphonium

SoundEuph0Airing back during Spring 2015, Hibike! Euphonium or Sound! Euphonium is another original novel adaption and Kyoto Animation’s next foray into the school life genre dealing with music as central theme since K-ON. Of course, not as bright-eyed or wholly orientated on the slice-of-life front as the aforementioned, it does manage to tackle the story of what youth entails in a fairly interesting way from past productions. The question is how much of an impact does it make?

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[Anime Review] Beyond The Boundary

Beyond The BoundaryAiring back during the Fall 2013 anime season, Kyokai no Kanata or Beyond The Boundary wasn’t a series that too many people viewed positively or at very the least, felt was out place among Kyoto Animation and it’s usual campy comedy-drama adaptations. Having more of that campy spirit than the dark fantasy edge most people excepted, after revisiting the series I do feel that is a much better production than its made out to be. Not a personal favorite, but one that proves itself to be a nice change of pace.
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[Anime Review] Castle Town Dandelion

Castle Town Dandelion LogoOut of all the Summer 2015 anime I have viewed, Jōkamachi no Dandelion or Castle Town Dandelion is a scatterbrained comedy that oddly enough, offers wholesome entertainment – something that very few titles have managed to do for the season. Following the story of a royal family and its 9 supernatural ability wielding children vying for next in line to become king, that is about as outlandish or as pie in the sky as things can get. Bringing some flavor to the lineup, it also might be a better choice to what some fans might be looking for as far as moeblob series go.
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[Anime Review] Coppelion

Coppelion BoxAiring back during the Fall 2013 season, Coppelion is a series that has quite an interesting background. Originally set to air for 2011, it was delayed twice due to production issues and the unfortunate Fukushima Daiichi incident, the staff and television stations feeling that airing the show would be too insensitive with the content involved. Being relatively free of anything that constitutes as polarizing other than imagery, Coppelion is highly unlikely to offend any sensibilities, but as far as enjoyment goes, that is another matter entirely.
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[Anime Review] Hanasaku Iroha

HanasakuboxClimbing the staircase to adulthood from adolescence can be something of an arduous journey that seems like it can last for a lifetime. Fraught with the perils of dealing with insecurities, emotional maturity, and complicated relationships – it is a time when personal growth counts just as much as interpersonal. With P.A Works slice-of-life/coming-of-age tale Hanasaku Iroha, 16-year old protagonist Ohana Matsumae deals with a similar journey – trying to change herself working at Kissuiso, a rustic inn run by her grandmother as well as improve her standing with those staffed there. Having nothing new to offer the classic theme, it does at least add its own unique touches that not only make it entertain to watch, but also resonate with the audience. It does have a few shortcomings, however, believe they hardly trump its greatest strengths.
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[Anime Review] Wanna Be The Strongest In The World

Shorewood Blu-ray OcardFrom the studio that brought you the titillating action-fantasy anime Queens Blade and Hyakka Ryōran: Samurai Girls comes another helping of gratuitous fanservice in the guise of female pro wrestling. Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai is its name and aside from appearing to be one more production after the lowest common denominator – it is actually among some of the half-decent offerings from the Fall 2013 season. Sort of. Obviously not poised to win any awards or even considered to do the female professional wrestling circuit any favors, it does happen to embody a certain sentiment of the sport – both good and bad if nothing else. That being said, I still wonder what possessed Funimation to dub this.
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[Anime Review] Expelled From Paradise

Exp ParaDirected by Seiji Mizushima and scripting from Gen Urobuchi, Expelled From Paradise is an original science fiction anime collaboration and theatrical production conceived between Toei Animation and Nitroplus. Besides gathering much of its attention through the partnership of the two aforementioned figures, it’s also due to the movie being touted as exclusively made through 3DCG by Graphinica. Now available for official home release along with an English dub to boot, does this film manage to live up to the lofty expectations it sets?

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[Anime Review] SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation

SonicoBoxKnown to most avid anime fans through art and various other media, I do have to admit it was quite a surprise to find out that Super Sonico would be getting her own anime series back during the Winter 2014 anime season. Originally created by Nitroplus to promote a musical event, the character’s popularity is definitely nothing to sneeze at launching a few games, countless PVC figurines, and so many 18+ doujinshi it will make your head-spin. Not that I actually indulged in any of that material myself…nope, not me. So was the anime adaptation staring this popular character any good or just for mere kicks…?

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