The Anime Streaming Nightmare


Long ago when the Internet was still young (or around 2004 for me), I remember when it was nearly almost impossible for me to keep up with the seasonal anime grind without the aid of fansubs. Fast-forward to today and it is a wildly different scene with so many options ranging from VOD (Video on demand) services like Hulu and Netflix to traditional cable trying to get in on the action. Hey, it is nice to have so many options, right? That is what I would like to say if everything wasn’t so fragmented. With Crunchyroll, Funimation (the latter two entering into a partnership), Daisuki, Netflix, Hulu, and now even Amazon competing for not only your time but money as well…..seasonal anime streaming has become more complicated. Has this newfound convenience been more of a blessing or curse?

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Food Preparation And Memories In Amaama to Inazuma

Artist: kanro Source:

Starting rather late on most of the summer 2016 anime titles this season, Amaama to Inazuma or Sweetness and Lightning is one that I immediately latched onto. Besides having a small cast of endearing characters and sincere heartwarming moments (most in part due to Tsumugi’s cuteness) as its biggest strengths, I do believe that the cooking segments are also kind of unique as they focus more on the preparation aspect to a degree. Of course, with many viewers quick to call it another “cooking themed” series, I do also believe that those portions perfectly illustrate one major idea that links people together.

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The School Student Perspective In Anime And Manga

School Student

Over the last past 7 years that I have been into anime and manga, it is hard to deny that the mediums are something of an all-encompassing menagerie where there is something for everyone. Whether you happen to be in your adolescents or adulthood, it is kind of awe-inspiring for any type of media to reach such a wide demographic. And yet, a large majority of projects center around or contain school students – especially those in high school. Why the emphasis for an art that contains so many varying venues and concepts as they are consumers? There is sort of an correct answer to this question, but do have a more interesting alternative I would like to share.

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Shirobako – Passion or Pragmatism?

Artist - Kosuke Haruhito Source:
Artist – Kosuke Haruhito

With the Fall 2014 anime season nearing its conclusion, I have to say that I am mostly satisfied with my choice viewing selections.  Shirobako is one them, P.A works adaption of a group of dreamers and their challenges in the production of animation. While I can’t exactly say that I’m enjoying the show based on the real life semblance alone, it does at lend itself admirable to the concept of work, the quality of work life, and the frictional challenges any job presents as it becomes a personal desire. As I begin to embark on a new and exciting albeit, tumultuous part of my life in a couple of months concerning the workforce, one relevant message from Shirobako comes to mind: Is it important to do what you love or work for your own sake?

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