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Q: What is this site for/about?

A: Check the about section, You find out all the information you want. If you looking for anime, video game, and visual novel reviews – please check my other site linked HERE. You will also find a small spiel about for this site there, too.

Q: What does the name of the site mean?

A: Lunarium is an astrological term and an old tool that was used to keep track of the position and phases of the moon. Wanting to keep with the theme of my review site, I decided upon it due to the fact that like the moon changing it’s phases, this a change in writing style and subject matter. Plus, it was the only unpopular and underused term I could find that be a suitable name. Hooray for obscurity!

Q: Uh, what was I going to say?

A: No idea. Get back to me when you figure it out.

Q: Can I add you to my blogroll?

A: Sure. Just let me know you are doing so and I will return the favor.

Q: Hey, can you provide a source from where you got <insert image here>?

A: Sure. All images are usually tagged and name as well as providing the source where it was obtained. If you are the owner of any of these images and would like them removed, please contact me and I will comply. All images (screenshots, pictures, etc) are used the fair use doctrine and for profit.

Q: Anyway I can get in contact with you to chat/inquiry about certain aspects?

A: Sure. Just use the contact page and shoot a line. Please allow me 72 hours to get back in touch with you, but will usually do it quicker if no extraneous circumstances keep me from doing so.