[Anime Review] Rail Wars!

RailWarsWith the summer 2014 season of anime coming to a swift end, I do have to admit it has been a significantly pleasant one for nearly all of the titles that I watched – more than I can say for the previous two seasons. Even though many of those series ended on a rather insipid note just as they began and not exactly noteworthy, whether good or bad, all of them do bring back fond reminders of why I like and still watch anime to this day. Rail Wars, my first review of the summer season is a perfect example: it’s a show about buxom beauties in uniform and trains apparently… amongst other things.
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[Visual Novel Review] planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~

Planetriumplanetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ is a kinetic novel developed back in 2004 by Key – the studio responsible for such cathartic titles like: Kanon and Clannad. While this is certainly one of Key’s shortest works, it definitely doesn’t falter in eliciting an emotional response like those aforementioned. Thanks to the efforts of Sekai Project, in celebration of its 10th anniversary release in Japan, you can finally experience this bittersweet tale on Steam as an official English release.

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[Anime Review] HAL The Movie

HAL movie boxWith my time being as limited as it is and my certification training now officially over, a short 3 day break is exactly what I need before going back to class. Of course, while studying has been at the head of the list, catching up on and revisiting anime I left in my queue for review is, too. One of those titles that was in the queue was HAL, a movie that I watched 4 months ago and now officially coming as a home release September 2, 2014. Just one day shy of writing this (although it is published on the 9th). Having an early copy of the home release, it is as much as an emotional catharsis as it was those 4 months ago, but also an underwhelming one to boot.

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[Video Game Review] Love Live! School Idol Festival


Being an aficionado of all types video games, I do have certain reservations on what I get drawn into. With never touching an Rhythm/music themed title before or exactly fond of the mobile ecosystem, I am pleasantly taken aback with how mesmerizing Love Live! School Idol Festival is while keeping itself away from the usual slimy and avaricious driven tactics most games of this nature employ. If you like anime series and enjoy the rhythm genre, this should be right up your alley.

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[Anime Review] Isshuukan Friends – One Week Friends


The spring season might be over and done with for most, but feeling overwhelming with how much I have left to sift through for this current summer, it does help place things in perspective. For one, I didn’t realize how little from spring season I watched and further more, how much of it I actually enjoyed. There were a few, no matter how grating they were that help passed time, but never satisfied me completely. Isshuukan Friends comes closer than any other title of the season and something that comes as a surprise, being close to the last thing I ended the season with and didn’t initially feel to strong about.

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[Anime Review] D-Frag!

D-Frag promoSlowly, yet surely I am starting to recover from my nauseating bout of writers block and finally might even return to writing editorials soon. For now, I’m very comfortable with reviews and since they are an innumerable list of titles I want to get to – it seems like a favorable course of action. Taking a look the Winter 2014 season, I decided the next review would be on D-Frag, a school life comedy that is sometimes good at making its shenanigans amusing and other times just makes a buffoon out of itself for not being very funny at all. Or something along those lines…

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