[Anime Review] Isshuukan Friends – One Week Friends


The spring season might be over and done with for most, but feeling overwhelming with how much I have left to sift through for this current summer, it does help place things in perspective. For one, I didn’t realize how little from spring season I watched and further more, how much of it I actually enjoyed. There were a few, no matter how grating they were that help passed time, but never satisfied me completely. Isshuukan Friends comes closer than any other title of the season and something that comes as a surprise, being close to the last thing I ended the season with and didn’t initially feel to strong about.

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[Anime Review] D-Frag!

D-Frag promoSlowly, yet surely I am starting to recover from my nauseating bout of writers block and finally might even return to writing editorials soon. For now, I’m very comfortable with reviews and since they are an innumerable list of titles I want to get to – it seems like a favorable course of action. Taking a look the Winter 2014 season, I decided the next review would be on D-Frag, a school life comedy that is sometimes good at making its shenanigans amusing and other times just makes a buffoon out of itself for not being very funny at all. Or something along those lines…

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[Video Game Review] Demon Gaze

Demon Gaze BoxGiven that I am on an extensive blogging break this summer due to suffering from crippling writers block and studying for the upcoming exams this fall – I thought I would at least return long enough to compose a post or two starting with reviewing a few games I cleared from my list last month ago. One of which is Demon Gaze, an 1st person dungeon crawling RPG that I had being curious about and probably would of never played if I waited any later.

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[Video Game Review] Senran Kagura Burst

Senran Kaugra Burst BoxAside from laying the smackdown upon waves of countless combatants and avoiding (or welcoming) getting garments torn to tatters, Senran Kagura Burst is just another humdrum side-scrolling beat-em-up with nothing notable to offer from the crowd for veterans of the genre, but for others new to the arena, fairly enjoyable if you peer past the repetitive nature and some questionable content.

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