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[Visual Novel Review] Sakura Angels

Sakura Angels Logo

From the creators of Sakura Spirit, Winged Cloud has concocted another visual novel centering around magical girls, supernatural battles, and lascivious artwork that ties all together to be describe as a “angelic love comedy” called Sakura Angels. Not much of a creative naming convention considering it is unrelated to the aforementioned, but since I have little knowledge of this company other than that they are dedicated to creating visual novels for the west and haven’t had the opportunity to play any of their products up until now, I was very eager to try this out. As far as did my eagerness hold out…well, you shall find out now.

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[Video Game Review] Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation

HDN Rebirth 2 boxThe younger sisters step up to the plate and out of their older sibling’s shadows to save Gamindustri in the weird and wonderful multiverse of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2.

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[Visual Novel Review] Nekopara Vol. 1

NekoPara Logo

For those of you that celebrated your respective traditions, I hope you had a good one and looking forward to the new year. With the ending approaching steadily, I present to you my last review for this year: Nekopara. A cute and frivolous slice-of-life visual novel of catgirls and their daily misadventures. Is it fully voiced? Yes. Can you play in multiple languages? Heck, yeah! Is it on Steam? Do you even need to ask?

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[Visual Novel Review] fault milestone one

fault milestone one logo

The end of peace is the beginning of a journey for these two heroines. However, where that journey is leading them is the real question.

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[Anime Review] Patema Inverted

Patema Inverted

A tale of friendship, possibilities, and upside-down people that are actually right-side up or something similar to that effect. Either way, it is very pleasant movie, let’s just go with that general line of thought… Continue reading “[Anime Review] Patema Inverted”

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Shirobako – Passion or Pragmatism?

Artist - Kosuke Haruhito Source:
Artist – Kosuke Haruhito

With the Fall 2014 anime season nearing its conclusion, I have to say that I am mostly satisfied with my choice viewing selections.  Shirobako is one them, P.A works adaption of a group of dreamers and their challenges in the production of animation. While I can’t exactly say that I’m enjoying the show based on the real life semblance alone, it does at lend itself admirable to the concept of work, the quality of work life, and the frictional challenges any job presents as it becomes a personal desire. As I begin to embark on a new and exciting albeit, tumultuous part of my life in a couple of months concerning the workforce, one relevant message from Shirobako comes to mind: Is it important to do what you love or work for your own sake?

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[Video Game Review] Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth


The collaboration of two very different franchises brings about some fairly remarkable results of what a crossover can be. Although, there are a few shortcomings associated with both parties that doesn’t represent either effectively.

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[Video Game Review] Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star

 Ar nosurge cover

If you never heard of it before, Ar nosurge is a prequel of sorts to the Ar tonelico series and direct continuation to Ciel nosurge. Considering the latter is not even available to the North American region (or any place that speaks English), diving into Akira Tsuchiya’s work centering around the themes of bonds, understanding, life, and relationships is a pretty dense experience in numerous ways. Finally finishing it in all of its entirety,  I can say it is whirlwind of a ride, but only a meaningful one for those well-versed in the material.

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[Video Game Review] QP Shooting Dangerous!!

QP Shooting - Dangerous!! Title

Other than its mischievous charm and unforgiving difficultly, QP Shooting Dangerous!! offers no more or less of an experience expected from the bullet hell genre. Still, for the fanatics and devotees – that should be more than enough.

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