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[Anime Review] The Eccentric Family

Uchouten KazokuUchouten Kazoku – The Eccentric Family is drama and comedy driven anime series with a very simple point to make: No matter what, every family is a little dysfunctional. Even that of the mythical variety. Why? Because it is a manifestation of our idiot blood.

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[Anime Review] Sankarea

SankareaSankarea is impressive on the merits of its story alone and that makes it a good series overall. It is shame that though that the “good” could have been “great”, if it only tried a little harder to hold it all together.

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[Anime Review] Suisei no Gargantia

Suisei no GargantiaSuisei no Gargantia is a science fiction series not about space aliens or a technological regressed Earth, but rather about rediscovery. It’s about rediscovering humanity, self, and life and one of many things that make it such a palatable title in spite of its many shortcomings.

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[Anime Review] One Off

One OffOne Off may not be what I consider Junichi Sato’s best work, but it certainly might make you feel better and slightly motivated by the time you finish. There is also some product placement for Honda nestled inside, but you don’t have to focus on that if you don’t want to.

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RDG: Red Data Girl Review

RDG Red Data GirlRed Data Girl (RDG) is nothing more than another adolescent drama in P.A. Works repertoire of productions. Slightly off the mark apart from its past choices, but nonetheless, turns out to be a less than satisfying title suffering under some less skillful implementation and directing that makes it feel else than whole or for matter, entertaining.

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