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[Anime Review] Hanasaku Iroha

HanasakuboxClimbing the staircase to adulthood from adolescence can be something of an arduous journey that seems like it can last for a lifetime. Fraught with the perils of dealing with insecurities, emotional maturity, and complicated relationships – it is a time when personal growth counts just as much as interpersonal. With P.A Works slice-of-life/coming-of-age tale Hanasaku Iroha, 16-year old protagonist Ohana Matsumae deals with a similar journey – trying to change herself working at Kissuiso, a rustic inn run by her grandmother as well as improve her standing with those staffed there. Having nothing new to offer the classic theme, it does at least add its own unique touches that not only make it entertain to watch, but also resonate with the audience. It does have a few shortcomings, however, believe they hardly trump its greatest strengths.
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