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[Anime Review] Expelled From Paradise

Exp ParaDirected by Seiji Mizushima and scripting from Gen Urobuchi, Expelled From Paradise is an original science fiction anime collaboration and theatrical production conceived between Toei Animation and Nitroplus. Besides gathering much of its attention through the partnership of the two aforementioned figures, it’s also due to the movie being touted as exclusively made through 3DCG by Graphinica. Now available for official home release along with an English dub to boot, does this film manage to live up to the lofty expectations it sets?

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[Anime Review] SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation

SonicoBoxKnown to most avid anime fans through art and various other media, I do have to admit it was quite a surprise to find out that Super Sonico would be getting her own anime series back during the Winter 2014 anime season. Originally created by Nitroplus to promote a musical event, the character’s popularity is definitely nothing to sneeze at launching a few games, countless PVC figurines, and so many 18+ doujinshi it will make your head-spin. Not that I actually indulged in any of that material myself…nope, not me. So was the anime adaptation staring this popular character any good or just for mere kicks…?

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