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[Visual Novel Review] Sakura Angels

Sakura Angels Logo

From the creators of Sakura Spirit, Winged Cloud has concocted another visual novel centering around magical girls, supernatural battles, and lascivious artwork that ties all together to be describe as a “angelic love comedy” called Sakura Angels. Not much of a creative naming convention considering it is unrelated to the aforementioned, but since I have little knowledge of this company other than that they are dedicated to creating visual novels for the west and haven’t had the opportunity to play any of their products up until now, I was very eager to try this out. As far as did my eagerness hold out…well, you shall find out now.

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[Video Game Review] QP Shooting Dangerous!!

QP Shooting - Dangerous!! Title

Other than its mischievous charm and unforgiving difficultly, QP Shooting Dangerous!! offers no more or less of an experience expected from the bullet hell genre. Still, for the fanatics and devotees – that should be more than enough.

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[Video Game Review] 100% Orange Juice

100%OJ BoxBy looking at the name alone, you wouldn’t be able discern that 100% Orange Juice is a board game. Beyond its anime style and theme appearance, it is certainly one of the more interesting hybrids of skill and chance that can be frustrating as it does bring out the worst in people with a competitive nature. It still amounts to a great deal of fun all the same.

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