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Otaku Alcove: July-August 2019 Schedule

Hikari, Homura, Niyah (Xenoblade 2) - Artist Hinot
Game: Xenoblade 2 (Mythra, Nia, Pyra) | Artist: Hinot | Source:

Wow, how much more do we have to go? Only six more months left in this year? Time really flies by! Having numerous events occur in my life both good and bad since my last update, I’m happy that July and part of August will allow me some semblance of downtime and relaxation that I desperately need. Knowing that I have a few outstanding (tentative) projects in the wings, there will be a few changes. What changes you ask? I know you didn’t ask, but let’s discuss the rundown after the jump. Does anybody actually read anything I post? Probably not…

Previous Month Recap

If the last five months have taught me anything: you can’t plan around life. Having spent most of May running errands that real life demanded of me, I can be glad that I have gotten most of the time-consuming ones out of the way. Then again, most of May was not too bad. With my birthday occurring on the 8th, I finally turned “2?” and just another (painful) reminder how old I’m getting. June was a little less than forgiving. Still having a lot of time at my disposal, a death in the family was not exactly helpful and drained most of my motivation. Happening around E3, it still hurts remembering how and when it happened. Of course, not wanting to mope and wallow in despair, doing this along with other hobbies helped lift my spirits. Plus, finding the part-time position I was looking for to supplement the one I lost was another point of relief. All that being said, you can imagine any time I had to work on the site was compromised.

The Next Two Months

Before diving into what I have (tentatively) set for this month and the next, some of you might I have noticed I spruced up the site. The old layout was not all that great, so what you see now is part of efforts from last month just to make things easier to locate and easier on the eyes. I’m still working on a few things like revising the “About” section, setting up an “Industry” section, and still some more miscellaneous fixes, but should come in time. I also have a Ko-fi page, so you can now donate to me, too! All proceeds are directed back into site for things like buying themes and the annual bills for it. Honestly, I’m not too enthusiastic about taking donations but should help me offset the cost that has started to increase thanks to WordPress jacking up personal hosting last year. Thankfully, my subscription is good until 2024 and was have a $108.00 credit in case I want to upgrade to another plan. Might be time to start looking into managing my own server…

As far as for the next two months, here is a quick rundown. First, I’m currently scrapping everything from the previous months I had on the table. Almost everything to be clear. While I do have the post finish, to be frank: I’m not happy with the quality. Instead, the first official project I have anchored down is another “Creator Corner Spotlight” for this month dedicated to upcoming visual novels. In fact, most of this month and the next will have slightly more visual novel content but can expect it during the tail end of this month and the next. I have been contacting a lot of creators and developers works I want to review or feature, so hopefully, this will offer them a little more exposure. Second, where I did say “almost everything” was scrapped, I did salvage and have been working on a few other odds and ends I hope to post this month. No list this time. I miss doing editorials, yet as previously stated, last month has been taking a toll on my willpower. I do have a vacation (I really don’t want to take) 4th-8th, so I’m going to try to force myself to work on something before I leave. Did want to finish the work I began on the website, but that is out of the question until I come back. Finally, I haven’t been getting around to a lot of sites like promised, so that is also on my list. Feeling a little melancholic this week and don’t want to be bothered to do much, but definitely will start the following week.

~Until Next time!~

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