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A Word Of Thanks And Farewell…

Effectively immediately, I will be stepping down from managing this site and blogging altogether. Due to a few life issues (nothing serious), I will not able to continue running this site or start another. This decision was not made lightly and disappointed that I have to but will be for the best.

On the bright side, last month, my workplace brought in a new employee as a member of my team. We got to speaking and found that we had a common interest in anime and a few other things. After mentioning my site, he also wanted to try his hand at blogging himself. Ever since he has been hard at work putting together his site and wanted to spread the word. I can’t give the information just yet since he told me things will not be ready until sometime in March but will post the details once given.

Thank you again for all the support and best of luck!

Manga & Light Novel Reviews

[Manga Review] Who Says Warriors Can’t Be Babes? Vol. 1

Volume 1 Synopsis

Warrior Woman doesn’t want much out of life, other than to get Hero to fall in love with her. But no matter how hard she tries to show off her feminine side, he only sees her as a fellow adventurer. Maybe that’s because she’s the strongest fighter alive — strong enough to slay a dragon with a single blow! Does Warrior Woman have what it takes to win Hero’s heart without accidentally killing him in the process?

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Anime Reviews

[Anime Review] Hōkago Saikoro Kurabu – After School Dice Club

4 girls discover the world of analog and tabletop games.

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Manga & Light Novel Reviews

[Manga Review] The Golden Sheep Vol. 1

The Golden Sheep Vol 1 cover

Volume 1 Synopsis

Winter of junior year. Not quite able to become adults, we couldn’t stay as we were as children, either. Our tale explores a group of teenagers and their impatience and rebirth. “They say if you write down your wish, bury it under Sheep Tower and then dig it up after 7 years and 7 months, your wish will come true … ”

Tsugu Miikura, a high schooler who loves to play guitar, moved away due to family circumstances from the rural town where she spent her childhood. After several years, she’s back in her old hometown. She reunites with her childhood friends—Sora, Yuushin, and Asari—the friends she’d buried a time capsule with back in elementary school. Tsugu is overjoyed to be with her friends once more, but the bonds that she thought would never change have in fact started to grow major cracks …

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Anime Alcove List Tuesday 09.23.2019: Top 7 Anticipated Anime Of Fall 2019

At long last we are entering the last assortment of anime titles for the year: the Fall 2019 season. I can’t really express in words how quickly the year has gone by. I was planning on making the next segment over the ending themes of the current season, but time somehow slipped past me. In order to try to make it up, the list this time around will cover 7 titles from the Fall 2019 anime season I’m looking forward to. Wow, what a big difference! Not much of a change I know, but nonetheless, join me for the 7th edition of Anime Alcove List Tuesday.

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Manga & Light Novel Reviews

[Manga Review] The Knight Cartoonist and Her Orc Editor Vol. 1

Volume 1 Synopsis

Yeld, an orc sick of life in his dark-fantasy realm, decides to move to Tokyo and become a manga editor. One day, he’s visited by a full-time armored swordswoman, part-time aspiring manga artist—one who gets practically suicidal whenever her work gets rejected! Between her, a tentacle monster summoned as an assistant, and a slime girl with all kinds of “helpful” manga tools, there’s never been a stranger pack of creators! It’s the most realistic(?) depiction of the manga industry yet!

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